Gardening Tools for Beginning Gardeners

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In almost every person�s life he or she will think �I should start my own garden!� It�s possible that one person will think about growing vegetables of his own. Maybe someone else will be dreaming of lavish rose gardens. Whatever the reason you want to start your own gardening project or what size your gardening project is, you will need certain tools to help you get the job done. Most gardening can be done with your bare hands and brute strength. With the right gardening tools you can save yourself quite a bit of time as well as prevent basic wear and tear on your body. The following are gardening tools that you can use to help you tend your garden.

For the more delicate flowers and plants, a garden space can be incredibly useful to have on hand. You can easily uproot weeds with a garden spade. You can also use them to help clear debris and dirt away from your garden plants without your having to worry about accidentally damaging the plant�s base. Seed planting is also easier with a spade. While you probably won�t put the spade to use every single day that you work in your garden, the days when you have intricate work to do around your plants will make you glad that you have your spade on hand. The spade is a versatile tool that can help with a variety of gardening tasks; it saves you time and energy!

Kneelers are great tools to have on hand. You are going to be spending a lot of your gardening time on your knees or crouching down. It is easy to make your own garden kneelers out of large pieces of Styrofoam or foam core. If you don�t have these things on hand you can buy specially made gardening mats. Mats and kneelers are used to help ease the wear and tear on your knees that comes from gardening. You can also protect your clothing from wear and tear by using mats and kneelers.

Hand trowels are very helpful. Many beginning gardeners use their hands for moving dirt around. As you spend more time in your garden, however, using a hand trowel can save you time. It can also help protect your hands. Gardeners use trowels to maneuver the dirt surrounding the plants in the garden (without damaging the plants themselves) and to help speed up the weeding process. Hand trowels come in different sizes and can be used for just about any type of plant.

Figuring out which gardening tools you need can take some time. When you start your first garden you are going to want to purchase everything in the store. Instead of giving in to temptation, start with a few simple tools you know you will use and then branch out later on. This will save you money, time and storage space in your gardening shed. Before you know it, you�ll know exactly which gardening tools you need to do to finish your gardening tasks.

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